Starphire Glass Kit

This kit contains two 4" x 6" samples - of PPG Clear glass and Starphire(r) ultra-clear glass in 15 or 19mm thicknesses.
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Picture of IGU Low-e Design Kit

IGU Low-e Design Kit

Included in this sample kit are a range of PPG solar-control low-e glass products, including SOLARBAN 60, SOLARBAN 67, SOLARBAN 70XL, SOLARBAN 70XL OPTIGRAY, SOLARBAN z50, SOLARBAN 90, SOLARBAN R100, SOLARBAN 72, SOLARBAN 60 STARPHIRE, and SOLARBAN 60 SOLARGRAY
Picture of Tinted Glass Design Kit

Tinted Glass Design Kit

This sample box contains 4" x 6" 6mm monolithic lites of popular PPG tinted glasses, including: AZURIA, ATLANTICA, SOLEXIA, PACIFICA, SOLARBLUE, SOLARGRAY, SOLARBRONZE, OPTIGRAY and GRAYLITE II tinted glasses, in addition to STARPHIRE(r) ultra-clear glass and many of the tinted glasses with VISTACOOL Subtly Reflective coatings (VISTACOOL PACIFICA AND VISTACOOL AZURIA) and SOLARCOOL Reflective coatings (SOLARCOOL Gray, SOLARCOOL Bronze, SOLARCOOL AZURIA, SOLARCOOL SOLEXIA, SOLARCOOL PACIFICA AND SOLARCOOL SOLARBLUE).
Picture of Walker Texture Design Kit

Walker Texture Design Kit

This kit includes several 4x6 samples of various etched glass patterns and treatments on a range of PPG tinted glasses, including Starphire® ultra-clear glass.
Picture of Clarvista Shower Glass

Clarvista Shower Glass

This kit contains a 4" x 6" sample of the Clarvista(r) Shower Glass Coating on both clear and Starphire(r) glass.
Picture of Interior Glass Design Kit

Interior Glass Design Kit

This sample kit contains a range of glass products ideal for interior design applications. The kit contains 20 4" x 6" glass samples with assorted thicknesses, tints, colors, coatings and effects—manufactured by PPG and its alliance partners. Selections include: STARPHIRE® ultra-clear glass and CLARVISTA® shower glass, as well as emerald green, bronze and a range of blue and gray tinted glasses from PPG. The kit also includes colorful metallic and painted glasses from ICD High Performance Coatings; and beautiful acid-etched translucent and mirror effect glasses from Walker Textures™.
Picture of PPG Architectural Glass Catalog - 3 Hole Drilled

PPG Architectural Glass Catalog - 3 Hole Drilled


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